Ballooning & Aviation Organisations

    Civil Aviation Authority :: Civil Aviation Authority

    BBAC :: British Balloon and Airship Club

    EASA :: European Aviation Safety Agency

    Competitions Club :: Competitions Club

    BABO :: The British Association of Balloon Operators

Balloon Services

    Zebedee List :: A list of second-hand items for sale and job opportunities for balloonists.

    Easy Balloons :: Balloon and trailer repair station. Balloon themed magazine and chat. (Very friendly when you visit and you always get a nice cup of tea!!) Recommend!!

    British Balloon Museum and library (BBML) :: British Balloon Museum and library

    Balloon Events :: UK & Worldwide Hot Air Balloon Festival List

    Aeronautical services :: Check NOTAMS. Registration applies.

    UK Balloon Register. G-Dash. :: UK Balloon Register.

    Balloon Pins :: UK market place for Balloon Pins

    CAA Registration database G-info :: Civil Aviation registration database for all G-#### registered aircraft. Flying balloons in Italy. :: Airlines flights and balloon rides, car, tours, incentive travel, VIP services, rallies, publicity events with balloons.

    NOTAM information :: NOTAMS

Balloon Manufacturers

    Head Balloons :: Balloon manufacturer

    Lindstrand Balloons :: Balloon Manufacturer

    Cameron Balloons :: Balloon manufacturer

    Ultramagic Balloons :: Balloon Maufacturer

    Kubicek Balloons :: Balloon Maufacturer

    Schroeder Balloons :: Balloon manufacturer

Trailer Companies

    Westloada Trailers :: Westloada Trailers

    Ifor Williams Trailers :: Ifor Williams Trailers

    Staffordshire trailer strut contact info. :: Dictator Engineering
Tel: 01622 854770

The part number below will give you the correct stroke, compression and fittings in stainless steel for Staffordshire trailers as originally supplied by Indespension.
Part number 01-14280460-004

    Indespension Trailers :: Indespension Trailers

    Bateson Trailers :: Bateson Trailers

    Wendover Trailers (Easy Balloons) :: Trailer Service
01296 624725


    Chiltern Region


    East Midland Balloon Group

    Black horse region

    London Ballooning

    Mid Hants Balloon Club

    North West Region BBAC

    Pennine Region

    Western Region BBAC


    Metcheck :: Weather site

    BBC Weather :: Weather site

    XC Weather :: Weather site

    Met Office Weather :: Weather site

    Met Office aviation :: Met Office aviation (requires login)

    Skylink Weather :: Weather site (set for Newbury, change on drop down)

    Weatherweb :: Weather news, facts, & latest forecasts. Run by Dr. Simon Keeling

    Accuweather :: Weather Site

Hot Air Balloon Teams

    Phil's Balloons :: Phil's Balloons

    The Molly Mae & Roofcare Balloon Team :: The Molly Mae & Roofcare Balloon Team


    The Firefighters Charity :: The Firefighters Charity

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