Ken Lowry - Pilot

Ken's been involved in ballooning since 2002, crewing for a local commercial hot air balloon company. He quickly found himself catching the ballooning bug and soon wanted to learn to fly. Over the years ballooning has took him to many places, allowing him to fly in France, Italy, Germany and many destinations across the UK. In 2011 he was part of a team, along with 49 other teams from across Europe, that successfully flew across the English Channel, launching from Lydden Hill Race Circuit in Kent, England, and landing near to Calais Airport in France, breaking a world record for the most balloons to cross the English Channel at any one time. Another world record Ken broke, along with 9 of his mates, (a long time ago) was at ladder climbing, continuously for 24hrs, I think that gave him his head for heights. Kens full time job for the last 29 years has been a firefighter, so he only gets to fly inbetween shifts, and of course, when the lovely English weather allows.  

Russell Favell - Pilot

Russell had always dreamed of flying and being a pilot from a very young age, he used to spend his time gazing up at the sky, pointing with his mouth open, nowadays, he is a woodworking craftsman, turning lumps of wood into works of art..... (his words, not mine). Russell is also a keen classic car enthusiast, himself owning a classic Peugeot Van. Ballooning has taken Russell to Germany, France and Italy and many sites and arenas across the UK.

Jim Cooke  - Pilot under Training - Crew

Jim spends most of his time floating on the Thames as he lives on a river boat, the rest of the time either fitting windows, mountain biking or peacefully floating in the skys of Berkshire. Jim caught the ballooning bug after crewing for the team at The Grass Roots Balloon Festival in Bedfordshire. Jim recently attended the 13th Lorraine Mondial International Air Balloon Festival at Chambley Bussieres Aerodrome (near Metz) in Northern France with the team. 

Matt and Lorraine Ford - Crew

Matt and Lorraine are a husband and wife team, Matt is a car mechanic and a dent repair specialist, keeping the team vehicles running smoothly whilst Lorraine uses her business skills to make sure the admin is all upto date and more importantly to remind Matt where he's left his car keys.... Matt can often be seen staring into space, in a world of his own, I think that thats where he gets his passion for ballooning from.